Monterey County Certified Organics

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Monterey County was the first county agency to be registered as an organic certifier with the State of California and to be accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture. Monterey County Certified Organic (MCCO) provides certification services in the following areas: crop production, handlers, processors and wild crops. Monterey County Certified Organics (MCCO) is one of many agencies and organizations registered with the State of California which provide certification services.

MCCO’s purpose and objectives are to:

  • Apply standards and certification procedures for agricultural products marketed as organic.
  • Enhance the credibility of organic agriculture as a viable systems approach and the preservation of our environment.
  • Assure consumers that organically produced products adhere to the National Organic Program standards.
  • Facilitate commerce in fresh and processed food that is produced organically in Monterey County.

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