Invasive Weed Resources

Fertile Capeweed Cropped

The 15th Annual Central California Invasive Weed Symposium will be held November 7, 2013 at Paicines Ranch, Tres Pinos, California.  Click here for details.

Weed Identification

Proper weed identification is key to a successful program.  Below is a list of where to have weeds identified by trained botanists:

California Department of Food and Agriculture, Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch
UC Davis Herbarium
A Local University, Botanical Garden, or Herbarium Near You

Biological Control of Weeds

Biological weed control helps reduce reliance on commercial, synthetic pesticides. Such methods use plants, microorganisms and animals in the management, control and eradication of weeds of concern. Biological control is also available for insect and disease threats to agricultural crops and livestock ~ click here for bio-control of insects and disease.

The Agricultural Commissioner collaborates with CDFA and the University of California in the introduction and release of biological control agents throughout the county. An example of local biological pest control methods for weeds includes insects to control yellow star thistle.

For more information or to request biological control agents by contacting Hannah Wallis, Agricultural Programs Biologist at 831-759-7332 or email. Note that these bio-control agents are typically available in June/July.