Direct Marketing / Farmers' Markets

Farmer's Market - Carrots and Potatoes

Farmers, also known as producers, may sell their commodities directly to the public through Farmers’ Markets, restaurants, schools and institutions, community-supported agriculture (CSA), and agritourism venues. The Agricultural Commissioner, in cooperation with CDFA, inspects and certifies producers and farmers’ markets on a regular basis for the enforcement of the California Direct Marketing Regulations.

Certified Producers

Farmers who sell their goods directly to the public are exempted from state packing and labeling requirements, however these farmers must be certified annually by the Agricultural Commissioner and sell their goods at Certified Farmers’ Markets. The Agricultural Commissioner conducts regular inspections of certified producers to verify all growing grounds, ownership of products to eliminate fraud and to maintain standards of quality products.

Certified Farmers’ Markets

Certified Farmers’ Markets must register annually through CDFA and pay a $50 fee in order to receive a Certified Farmers’ Market Certificate. Applications to register markets in Monterey County that are submitted to CDFA will be forwarded to the Agricultural Commissioner for verification and certification.

Register Your Farmers’ Market annually

Consumer Information

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