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The Agricultural Commissioner is dedicated to worker health and safety, the protection of environmental resources, and the promotion of the agricultural sector of Monterey County.

2015 Fumigant Tarps (UPDATED)

For the 2015 fumigation season, all chloropicrin permits will be conditioned to require the use of specific tarps.  If you will be conducting bedded tarped applications of chloropicrin, please see this list (in English and Spanish) of approved tarps prior to purchasing tarps for the upcoming year.

In the News

Project launched to rid Salinas River of nasty weed

A five-year project to rid the Salinas River of invasive, cane-like arundo plants was launched Wednesday that will initially cover some 200 acres of river area between Gonzales and the Monterey County line to the south. It’s a massive undertaking with a total of 1,400 acres in need of removal, making the Salinas River the second-largest arundo infestation in California. This project, a partnership between the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County and the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, is funded by a 1.1 mln grant from the California Wildlife Conservation Board. read more...

Work Begins on the Salinas River Arundo Removal Project

Highlighting Conservation

Water Conservation Principles

 Water Conservation
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This highlight on water conservation practices is the first installment in a series that is intended to demonstrate how growers, ranchers, and vintners are working to actively steward the natural resource base on their land.

Water Conservation: Farmer Highlight

Mathew Shea,
Bernardus Vineyards, Cachagua Valley

Matthew Shea’s work on the Bernardus Estate vineyards in the Cachagua region of Carmel Valley can be summed up in his own words: read more...

Soil Conservation

Soil Conservation 
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This highlight on soil conservation practices marks the second installment in our farm stewardship series.

Energy Conservation Principles

 Energy Conservation
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Methods for conserving energy are introduced in the third and final installation in our farm stewardship series.

Press Advisory: Farmworkers and Ag Commissioner Reach Accord

In a first of its kind for the state, the office of the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner, the agency that oversees pesticide regulations and other worker safety matters, and the Center for Community Advocacy (CCA), a farmworker advocacy group, will announce an accord establishing a Farmworker Advisory Committee for the office of the Agricultural Commissioner of Monterey County. There will be a press briefing at 12:30 pm on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at the office of the Agricultural Commissioner in Salinas.  To see the entire press advisory, click here .

Eric Lauritzen and other Ag Commissioners travel to Washington D.C. to represent agricultural issues in California!

Eric Dc Trip 2014

California Department of Pesticide Regulation Director pays a visit to the Agricultural Commissioner's Office in Salinas!

Cdpr Visit Feb 2014

Monterey County Ag Commissioner has little 'down time'- The

To view full article please click here to be redirected to The Californian's website.

Farm Equipment Upgrade Screening Tool Released

Are you operating older diesel tractors and other farm equipment? Use this screening tool to assess options to modernize your equipment.

Save energy, reduce operating costs, and reduce pollution!